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  • Nominating Committee: Anyone interested in running for a position on the Georgia TAC Association Board please contact the President Elect. In order to be eligible for office you must submit a Letter of Intent which must be accompanied by a Letter of Support from your agency.

Chairman Leah Lumley

  • Training/Education Committee: This committee is responsible for selecting a list of GCIC related topics and instructors for training, coordinate training with GCIC Customer Service Training section, attend training workshops & surrounding State CJIS Conferences, if possible, and present at least two (2) training course per year.

Chairman: GBI

  • Historical Committee: This committee is responsible for the collection and maintenance of historical information and documents pertaining to the Association.

Chairman Ray Dohm, Allison Kirk, Leah Lumley

  • Newsletter/Website Committee: This committee prepares a bi-monthly newsletter to be posted on the Association website. This committee ensures that the Association website is promptly updated to keep membership informed of all updates, training announcements and provide the financial report.

Chairman Ben Bolin, Marion Aunspaugh, Allison Kirk, Susan Hogan, Sharon Battle

  • Membership Committee: This committee ensures that all members are listed with accurate addresses and contact information. This committee is also responsible for ensuring that all Vice Presidents receive accurate contact information on all members in their areas.

Chairman Ray Dohm

  • Conference Committee: This committee is responsible for preparation for the annual Conference. This committee will also encompass the Social & Door Prize Committee and Merchandise Committee.

Chairman: All board members

  • Merchandise Committee: The TAC Association would like your suggestions for next years Conference. We need to know what merchandise you would like to see at future Conferences. This is YOUR Association and your opinions help us make better Conference packages. Please help us with your thoughts and ideas for the future.

Chairman Leah Lumley, Bryson Greenway-Shepard, Tonae Clements

  • Finance Committee: Ensures that the Board and members receive a financial report every two (2) months, and post a Treasury Report on the TAC website.

Chairman Kandy Marchman

  • Policy/Procedures/Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Reviews policy and procedures and ensures that the Association constitution & bylaws are up-to-date and that all procedures outlined are being adhered to.

Chairman Shandel Graham

  • Social Media Committee: This committee is responsible for the management and relaying of information via social media platforms such as Facebook.

Chairman Allison Kirk, Ray Dohm, Susan Hogan

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