Elaine Snow Retirement

520c6dfdaefec_imageOn December 31, 2015, Rome Police Chief Elaine Snow retired after 41 years with the Department. Elaine made several firsts with Rome PD.  She was the first female officer; she was the first female Detective and worked her way up thru the ranks to be the first female Police Chief in Rome.  Elaine also OUR first ‘chief’ as she was the first GA TAC President and, along with John Secor from GCIC and several others, was the brains behind getting the Association started almost 25 years ago.  Thank you Elaine for your service with Rome, GA TAC, GCIC and NCIC.  We hope that you, Tommy and the kids and grandkids all enjoy your retirement!

Passing of John Secor…

The TAC Association is saddened to announce the loss of John Edward Secor, an iconic staple of the Association.  He passed away at age 75 on September 13, 2015.

John had been retired for some time now with GCIC, he was the first auditor and headed that team until his retirement. He also spearheaded the TAC days and said "once a TAC always a TAC".  He also engineered starting the TAC Association. He encouraged Elaine Snow to get people together to get the organization started, which happened and is still alive today. He and Virgie Carswell were the first GATAC Advisors. John was a mentor to many people, feared by some and loved by most. He was a stickler for the rules. We will truly miss this terrific man.

Via Ray Dohm - VP Metro Atlanta

Congratulations to all our 2015 winners!

The TAC Association Executive Board would like to congratulate all the winners of the door prizes and raffles.

Congratulations to the TAC Award recipients:
- Diane Sanford (Central)
- Regina Shiver (SE)
- Heather Moore (SW)
- Lou Ann David (NE)

Special congratulations to Marcia Cole (NE) who was awarded the prestige Elaine Snow award.


Next Board Meeting

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All members are welcome to attend! Share your input, address concerns and get your GCIC related questions answered!

Next GA TAC Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at GPSTC

LRC room


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WELCOME  to the Georgia Terminal Agency Coordinators NEW home on the web.

  • The purpose of our organization is to:
    1. Promote and encourage the continuance of standardized training and education for members of the Association.
    2. Aid in the cooperation and communications between Terminal Agency Coordinators, local, state, federal agencies, the Georgia Control Terminal Officer and other interested entities.
  • This website offers the general public information on various topics.  It also provides exclusive essential information to TACs state wide.
  • TAC Association members will be able to:
    1. Access the Association's Newsletter online.
    2. Network with other TACs across the state.
    3. Update Membership information.
    4. View up to date Treasurer reports.
    5. View meeting minutes.
    6. Access vital and useful links that help improve everyday functions (and even the functions rarely used).

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