Regional TAC Awards:

Each year the Georgia TAC Association awards one member from each region as a ‘Regional TAC of the Year’.  Members are nominated by their Chief or Official for performing above and beyond their regular scope.

  • 2011 Regional TAC Winners

    Elaine Snow Presidential Award: Ben Bolin – Alpharetta Public Safety
    Bill Butler/John Secor TAC Scholarship:  Brit Cortes – Liberty County Public Safety & Brandi Westbrooks – Byron Police Dept
    Metro-Atlanta: Paulette Thompson – Johns Creek Police Dept
    Southeast: Brit Cortes – Liberty County Public Safety
    Central: Dianne Millwood – Dodge/Wilcox E911
    Northeast: Kari Poss – Columbia County Juvenile Court

  • 2010 Regional TAC Winners:

    Metro-Atlanta:  Bob Hillis – City of Stone Mountain Police
    Northeast: Marcia Cole – Oconee County E911
    Northwest: Christy Jones – Gordon County E911
    Southwest: Debora Childress – Taylor County Sheriffs Office

Other Recognitions:

  • Elaine Snow

     Elaine Snow – Named Chief of Police for City of Rome Police Department

  • Southwest Regional TAC of the Year 2010

     Congratulations to Ms. Debbie Childree for being the recipient of the Southwest Regional TAC of the Year. Ms. Debbie was unable to attend and accept this recognition at the Georgia Emergency Communications Conference. The award was presented by the sitting Vice President of the Southwest region, Denise McDaniel, at the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. Keep up the great work Ms. Childree!

History Of The Association

The TAC Association began in 1990 when a group of Terminal Agency Coordinators from different areas within the state met at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) in Forsyth, Georgia to discuss the formation of a professional association made up of TACs.

The Organization was officially formed in 1991 with an interim slate of officers who were selected to guide the Association in it’s infancy. Ninety-nine Charter members formed the membership initially and their purpose was to link TACs together to give a united voice, provide and enhance training at GCIC/TAC Seminars. This Organization assists its members in all matters pertaining to the job as a Terminal Agency Coordinator.

The Association has evolved over the years from an organization which was originally established as a training and networking association to becoming an organization that provides an unlimited amount of resource material and information to Terminal Agency Coordinators.

GCIC originally held a Spring and Fall conference in Forsyth then in 1996 the conference was held at West Georgia College in Carrollton due to Georgia hosting the Olympics. The following year the conference was moved to Jekyll Island, Georgia. The GCIC/TAC conference was held at this location for nine years. In 2006, GCIC signed an agreement with the City of Savannah to host the annual conference. Since moving to Savannah, the number of people attending the conference has grown to over 950 following the tenets of our creed…Commitment, Leadership and Excellence.

In 2010 and 2011, due to the TAC Conference being canceled, the TAC Association partnered with the Georgia Emergency Communications Conference.  We greatly appreciate the hospitality from the GECC Committee members, Georgia Chapters of NENA and APCO.  The conference last year was wonderful and this year promises to even be better.  There will be a wide range of training available.


Executive Board


Tona'e Clements
- Current President

Atlanta Police Dept

Joyce Vortice
- Elect President

DeKalb County Marshal's Office

Paulette Thompson
- Past President

Johns Creek Police Department

Martha Culbreth
- Secretary

Emanuel County E911

Kandy Marchman
- Treasurer

Oconee County Sheriffs Office

Annie Bess
- Vice President Central

Hi, My name is Annie Ruth Roundtree-Bess and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I was born in Wheeler County by Mid-Wife at home. I graduate from Wheeler County High School in Alamo, GA 1985. I started at Heart of Georgia Tech College in 1985. At that time my mother was diagnosed with Diabetes and my education was put on hold take care for my mother. My first job was at Hardees in McRae, GA when my mother health got better. In 1987, I moved to Baxley and began working at Piggly Wiggly. Needing more money, I left Piggly Wiggly and began working at Americord, in 1989. I left Americord after 9 years and worked at Telfair Sheriff Office in Telfair County for about a year. August, 1997, I applied at the McRae Police Department for employment and on August 15, 1997, I started my first day on the job. I am proud to say it has been great and I’ve worked with many great people since I’ve been at McRae Police Department. During this time I have received a certificate for Radio operator, Terminal operator, terminal agency coordinator (TAC), and certified Clerk of Court. Outside my work at McRae PD, I have received my Associate Degree in Business and am currently working on my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice both at Oconee Fall Technical College (OFTC). In additional to being educated, I have been Blessed with two healthy children and three-grandchildren. My daughter Condola was born in 1987 and she has two girls 6 & 2 yrs.old and a 5 mth old boy. My son Roy III, was born in 2001. I am very proud of my babies and love them to the moon and back. I’ve only been married once for 15 years after dating for four years. I have recently been awarded The 2014 TAC of the year and voted in as VP of Central Region of Georgia. I have the seat as treasure for the OES Earnest Chapter No.17 of McRae GA for the past 10 years. I attend St. John AME where the Rev. James E. Days is my pastor along with first lady Dorothy Days of Ailey GA. The things I love most in life are my children, my family, my relationship with God, reading, watching westerns and being a sports mom (football, baseball, and basketball).

McRae Police Department

Benjamin Bolin
- Vice President Metro Atlanta

I’m a Georgia native, from Lawrenceville and currently live in Atlanta. Developed my passion for the E-911 profession while working at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office in 1998. After taking a few years break from the Emergency Communications profession, I re-established my roots with the Suwanee Police Department in 2001. In addition to being one of the TACs for the City of Suwanee, I was also a coordinator for several technology projects. In 2006 I decided to expand my career and join the City of Alpharetta Police Department. I was a Communications Supervisor and Agency TAC for several years while being a project coordinator for several E-911 projects, including playing a major part in the construction and design of the current E-911 center. Currently I’m assigned to the Technology division of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. My duties include Technology Support Services, Agency TAC and project coordinator for E-911. I’ve been a member of the GA TAC Association since 2007 and became active within the association in 2010. I’ve been the Metro Atlanta Vice president since 2012.

Alpharetta Department of Public Safety

Marcia Cole
- Vice President Northeast

NE VP since 2008. Assistant Director, E-911/TAC since 2003 for Oconee County Sheriff Office. Retired from Detroit PD as a Sergeant. Moved to Georgia 1997. Married since 1972 with 2 adult daughters.

Oconee County Sheriff Office

Tasha Tolbert
- Vice President Northwest

I am a lifetime residence of Dawson County, Georgia. In 2003, I graduated from Dawson County High School. I have been married for 10 years and have 1 child. I have been employed since 2005 with the Dawson County Sheriff's Office, where I am a communication officer. I am an active Georgia Terminal Agency Coordinator member and have been an active Terminal Agency Coordinator for the communications center which I work, since 2007. I am also the certified training officer for my division and assist the director of our 911 center with maintaining current GCIC and S & I records of new and current employees. The TAC Association is a great organization to be apart of and I recommend everyone to be apart of it. If I can ever be of any assistance to anyone, please feel free to contact me.

Dawson County So/911

Janet Lloyd
- Vice President Southeast

I am the Primary TAC and training officer at the Stillmore Police Department.

Stillmore Police Department

Paula Whaley
- Vice President Southwest

I started my law enforcement carreer in 1988 at Carrollton Police Department as a clerk. In 1994, I returned home to Seminole County where I began working at the Sheriff's Office as a radio operator / jailer. I was certified as a TAC in 1996. Seminole County started it's 9-1-1 system in 2000 and I was chosen to serve as the coordinator, but being a small department I still perform duties for the Sheriff's Office. I have maintained the county's sex offender registery since 1996. I created the Sheriff's Office facebook page, and was recently given the task of updating the department's website. I have served as Southwest Region Vice-President for 3 years. If I can be of assitance to anyone, please do not hesitate to give a call or send me an email.

Seminole County Sheriff


Nominating Committee: Anyone interested in running for a position on the Georgia TAC Association Board please contact President Elect Joyce Vortice at . In order to be eligible for office you must submit a Letter of Intent which must be  accompanied by a Letter of Support from your agency.
  • Chair – Joyce Vortice
Training/Education Committee: This committee is responsible for selecting a list of  GCIC related topics and instructors for training, coordinate training with GCIC Customer Service Training section, attend training workshops & surrounding State CJIS Conferences, if possible, and present at least two (2) training course per year.
  • Chair – Jackie Clark (GBI)
  • Josh Baker (GBI)
  • Leigh Jarrell
  • Benjamin Bolin
  • Jane’t Lloyd
  • Marcia Cole
  • Paula Whaley
  • Dianne Millwood
Historical Committee: This committee is responsible for the collection and maintenance of historical information and documents pertaining to the Association.
  • Chair – Ray Dohm
  • Jan Lewis
Newsletter/Website Committee: This committee prepares a bi-monthly newsletter to be posted on the Association website.  This committee ensures that the Association website is promptly updated to keep membership informed of all updates, training announcements and provide the financial report.
  • Chair – Benjamin Bolin
  • Jan Lewis
  • Marcia Cole
  • Tasha Tolbert
  • Diane Millwood
  • Martha Culbreth
  • Pat Welch
Membership Committee: This committee ensures that all members are listed with accurate addresses and contact information.  This committee is also responsible for ensuring that all Vice Presidents receive accurate contact information on all members in their areas.
  • Chair – Marcia Cole
  • Kandy Marchman
Conference Committee:   This committee is responsible for preparation for the annual Conference.  This committee will also encompass the Social & Door Prize Committee and Merchandise Committee.
  • Chair – Marcia Cole
  • Joyce Vortice
  • Paula Whaley
  • Paulette Thompson
  • Kandy Marchman
  • Martha Culbert
  • Dianne Millwood
  • Jane’t Lloyd
  • Tona`e Sasnett
  • Tasha Tolbert
  • Brenda Yarborough
  • Carl Love
  • Alicia Gallaher
  • Cathy Crenshaw
  • Dawn Creech
  • Jimmy Williams
Merchandise Committee: The TAC Association would like your suggestions for next years Conference.  We need to know what merchandise you would like to see at future Conferences.  This is YOUR Association and your opinions help us make better Conference packages.  Please help us with your thoughts and ideas for the future.
  • Chair – Jane’t Lloyd
  • Vivian Halford
  • Carroll Love
  • Benjamin Bolin
  • Martha Culbert
  • Leah Lumley
Finance Committee: Ensures that the Board and members receive a financial report every two (2) months, and post a Treasury Report on the TAC website.
  • Chair – Kandy Marchman
  • Jouce Vortice
  • Tasha Tolbert
Policy/Procedures/Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Reviews policy and procedures and ensures that the Association constitution & bylaws are up-to-date and that all procedures outlined are being adhered to.
  • Chair – Paula Whaley
  • Tone`t Sasnett
  • Paulett Thompson
  • Marcia Cole
  • Pat Welch


WELCOME  to the Georgia Terminal Agency Coordinators NEW home on the web.
  • The purpose of our organization is to:
    1. Promote and encourage the continuance of standardized training and education for members of the Association.
    2. Aid in the cooperation and communications between Terminal Agency Coordinators, local, state, federal agencies, the Georgia Control Terminal Officer and other interested entities.
  • This website offers the general public information on various topics.  It also provides exclusive essential information to TACs state wide.
  • TAC Association members will be able to:
    1. Access the Association’s Newsletter online.
    2. Network with other TACs across the state.
    3. Update Membership information.
    4. View up to date Treasurer reports.
    5. View meeting minutes.
    6. Access vital and useful links that help improve everyday functions (and even the functions rarely used).

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